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December on the Canal Poster

December on the Canal Poster

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This poster features a beautiful Canalfront boathouse during a peaceful Lewes snowfall, by Jean Doran.  It makes us dream of winter.  Doran shares, "Although I love Lewes year-round, winter is especially lovely.  The crowds are gone, and there is a quiet sense of peace to the town.  The open fields and tranquility of our waterways and the sea remind us to all renew our energies for spring, summer and fall.  December brings with it a special joy when the town celebrates the Christmas season with wreaths, lights, the parade, and the annual Christmas House Tour. It's always a treat to see how our neighbors have decorated their historic properties.  I was inspired to paint the boathouse on the canal in an early snowfall to celebrate the Christmas season, although ‘artist's license’ was employed- there was certainly none of that when the picture was painted in July!"Historic Lewes

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